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Answering the call of October 17 to end poverty: A path to peaceful and inclusive societies

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Padova - Martedì 17 Ottobre 2017 - Quando le voci si uniscono

Quando le voci si uniscono
Si è alzata una voce, che rompe il silenzio delle popolazioni condannate alla miseria:
« Laddove gli uomini sono condannati a vivere nella miseria, i diritti dell’uomo sono violati. Unirsi per farli rispettare è un dovere sacro ». (Joseph Wresinski)


  • “IO TESTIMONIO DI VOI”, Filmato storico originale del 17 ottobre 1987
  • “CANTICO DEL MISERO” testo poetico di Katinka Borsànyi, poetessa trevigiana di origine ungherese, accompagnata dalla chitarra di Ella Nagy

- Cartura
0re 20,45 presso: CHIESA parrocchiale di OGNISSANTI – via Orus, 4 – Padova
(con parcheggio libero in patronato)

via Orus, 4 CHIESA parrocchiale di OGNISSANTI

Rome, Padoue, Trévise... - Martedì 17 Ottobre 2017 - Notte dei-senza dimora

Sensibiliser à la Citoyenneté et aux conditions extrêmes dans lesquelles les gens sans abri vivent.

Consultation et dialogue avec les membres et les personnes vivant dans la rue.

Rome, Padoue, Trévise...

Roma - Martedì 17 Ottobre 2017 - Spazio di dialogo

Il 17 ottobre prossimo, celebreremo la 30ma Giornata Mondiale del Rifiuto della Miseria, creata nell'ottobre 1987 da padre Joseph Wresinski.

Verrà celebrata a Roma con un evento che si terrà alla Camera dei Deputati, dalle 10.00 alle 13.00. La Presidente della Camera dei Deputati, l'On. Laura Boldrini, presiederà un incontro tra i Deputati e una delegazione di membri del Movimento ATD Quarto Mondo in Italia e dell'Alleanza contro la povertà, della quale ATD Quarto Mondo Italia fa parte. Si aprirà cosi un spazio di dialogo tra le persone che vivono nella povertà e la combattono e i nostri rappresentanti alla Camera dei Deputati.


Glasgow, Scotland - Martedì 17 Ottobre 2017 - Gather, share, celebrate the 30th anniversary of October 17

Descrizione dell' evento

Gather, share, celebrate the 30th anniversary of October 17 at George Square, 12 - 1pm around the commemorative stone with theatre, songs and testimonies from Glasgow and around the world, The event is free and open to everyone. It will be followed by a civic reception with the Lord Provost at the City Chambers.

George Square
Glasgow, Scotland
Regno Unito

Dublin - Martedì 17 Ottobre 2017 - National Community Gathering

Resoconto dell' evento.

Three videos of the gathering at the Stone:


For more pictures of the overall commemoration and of the Global Goals Boats: 

For messages and statements: 

The Global Goals Boats

In total 17 schools and other groups of children, young people and adults prepared 17  Boats, symbolising the hopes generated by 17 Global Goals. The boats were made out of recyclable material and easy to transport and of course, able to float!  Each boat carried messages of hope from people  attending the event.

Unfortunately, in the aftermath of the hurricane Ophelia, only one school out of 7 who had prepared boats was able to attend the event on the Tuesday 17th October (School had been officially closed for the day). The launch took place as planned referring to the work of these schools around the country.

The boats launched into the Liffey symbolised the expression of our hopes and commitments to end poverty, fight inequality and act on climat change, the 3 main challenges of the 17 Global Goals.

Some messages

Children – We are from Rush and Lusk Educate Together and we have been working really hard to build our boat. Our boat represents Goal 6 clean water and sanitation and Goal 14, life under water. All our class have written down their hopes and wises on patches and we have sown them together to make a sail. We hope to spread our hopes far and wide to make this a reality.

Kayleigh – When we were building our boat with the young people in the Neighbourhood Youth Project 2 we asked them what they hoped for and when talking about ending poverty they went back to the basics such as they said they hoped that everybody, every kid has a pair of shoes to put on. They hoped that every kid could go to school and had a school bag. That goes right back to the basics and shows that it’s the small things that add up and we hope that our communities can work together and continue to inspire young people as they inspire us to work together to end poverty.

Filipe – I’m representing the Migrants Rights Centre Ireland. As an Organisation our main goal is to provide empowerment, justice, rights for all migrants that are living in Ireland. With our boat we would like to express our solidarity with all people who are experiencing social exclusion mainly migrants, undocumented migrants and fishermen. We wish to express and create pathways out of poverty in Ireland and throughout the whole world.

See video
See video
See video

Descrizione dell' evento

A Message from Irish 17 October Committee

Dear contacts,

Unfortunately due to adverse weather conditions created by #HurricaneOphelia, the 16 October "No Hunger, No Poverty Candlelight Vigil and Chain of Lights" has been canceled. Stay safe today!

Join us on tomorrow on End Poverty Day, Tuesday 17 October!

- in the morning: www.facebook.com/events/276138756225842/ - in the evening: www.facebook.com/events/1573226616033642/

Support the Thunderclap Now: www.thunderclap.it/projects/63316-ireland-let-s-us-sing-as-one

Thank you for your interest in our events.

Take care of yourself! Keep safe!

Community Gathering at the Human Rights and Poverty Stone in Dublin, Ireland to mark the National 2017 UN End Poverty Day.

Workshops with messages of hope will start at 10am and the official ceremony with songs and testimonies will start at 11am sharp. 

17 Global Goal Boats will also be launched on the river Liffey at 11.30am.

Custom House Quay