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Acting together to empower children, their families and communities to end poverty

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Padova - Martedì 17 Ottobre 2017 - Quando le voci si uniscono

Quando le voci si uniscono
Si è alzata una voce, che rompe il silenzio delle popolazioni condannate alla miseria:
« Laddove gli uomini sono condannati a vivere nella miseria, i diritti dell’uomo sono violati. Unirsi per farli rispettare è un dovere sacro ». (Joseph Wresinski)


  • “IO TESTIMONIO DI VOI”, Filmato storico originale del 17 ottobre 1987
  • “CANTICO DEL MISERO” testo poetico di Katinka Borsànyi, poetessa trevigiana di origine ungherese, accompagnata dalla chitarra di Ella Nagy

- Cartura
0re 20,45 presso: CHIESA parrocchiale di OGNISSANTI – via Orus, 4 – Padova
(con parcheggio libero in patronato)

via Orus, 4 CHIESA parrocchiale di OGNISSANTI

Roma - Martedì 17 Ottobre 2017 - Spazio di dialogo

Il 17 ottobre prossimo, celebreremo la 30ma Giornata Mondiale del Rifiuto della Miseria, creata nell'ottobre 1987 da padre Joseph Wresinski.

Verrà celebrata a Roma con un evento che si terrà alla Camera dei Deputati, dalle 10.00 alle 13.00. La Presidente della Camera dei Deputati, l'On. Laura Boldrini, presiederà un incontro tra i Deputati e una delegazione di membri del Movimento ATD Quarto Mondo in Italia e dell'Alleanza contro la povertà, della quale ATD Quarto Mondo Italia fa parte. Si aprirà cosi un spazio di dialogo tra le persone che vivono nella povertà e la combattono e i nostri rappresentanti alla Camera dei Deputati.


Warszawa-Praga-Południe - Martedì 17 Ottobre 2017 - Flashmob then meeting in the ATD Office

Descrizione dell' evento

In order to raise awareness about 17 October, World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty, there will be a "flashmob" in a crowded area in Warsaw.

Then, we will all meet in the ATD office to talk and know each other by sharing knowledge and experience.

ul.Grenadierow 34 lok.U1, Tel ATD office: (48) 22.616.10.20

Oshimili North LGA - Sabato 21 Ottobre 2017 - Commemoration with dialogues, lectures, and more

Resoconto dell' evento.

This activity was carried out on October 23 after several postponements, due to government programmes, which involved some of the participants.

This was a coalition of various NGOs under ‘Walking Fingers’. It was carried out at Okpanam, which has a boundary with Asaba in Delta State. Asaba is the capital of Delta State.

The youths were fully represented from all over Delta State, and it was a full house. Agricultural products were fully displayed and demonstrated. A sewing machine was presented to one of the participants, and other participants were presented with various items to encourage them in entrepreneurship.

One of the participants for the October 17 and 18 activities at Nsukka, Enugu State was also at Delta State for the programme. Nnenna is physically challenged, and hers is a success story. She attended the University of Nigeria, Nsukka when Mrs. Josephine Alumanah was the Patron of the Physically challenged students. She has really done well for herself and the community. She is a propriety of a school – Treasure Nursery and Primary School. She is an author of two books – Ability in Disability and Conquering Disability. She is a recipient of several prizes.

Descrizione dell' evento

There will be radio commentary on Oct 17 to announce the Oct 21 commemoration.

On the 21st the programme will include lectures, dialogues, practical skills on agriculture, Entrepreneurship and Referrals for Interest free loans.

Amachai Community Hall Okpanam
Oshimili North LGA

Dar es Salaam - Sabato 14 Ottobre 2017 - 30th International Day to Overcome Poverty in Dar es Salaam

Resoconto dell' evento.

In 2017 ATD Fourth World Tanzania celebrated the World Day for Overcoming Poverty on Saturday the 14th – before the worldwide celebration the 17th october as every year.

The 3-hour long commemoration saw personal testimonies from people with direct experience of poverty, messages from around the world, drama, songs, poems, dancing, and an invitation to the participants to sign a special Call to Action as part of ATD’s International Stop Poverty 2017 Campaign. It was a powerful and moving occasion which deepened the commitment of those already involved in the collective struggle to overcome extreme poverty and also to attract new commitments.

The event was at Biafra place, a public space to enable all citizens to take part at the event. Through words, drama, music, and testimonies we showed how extreme poverty undermines our freedom and violates our most fundamental rights. Stories of life from Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Dodoma and Njombe reminded us of the struggle of people to overcome extreme difficulties and search a way to peace.

It is very important to gather people on a day like this because we live in classes, separated from one another. When we live such a gathering together there is something building. Then we all realize that we are all the same. People who don’t live poverty come to understand the efforts of those who fight to overcome exclusion. They discover the challenges they have to face. When people living in poverty speak and other people listen, changes can come about. It is very important to gather people on a day like this. Rehema A. (Participant from Tandale, Dar es Salam).

Descrizione dell' evento

We will celebrate the International Day for overcoming poverty on october 14th in the public place called Biafra on Morocco Avenue from 9.00 am to noon. It will be an open event with guests and participants from different districts of Dar Es Salaam, friends of the ATD Fourth World Movement will come from other regions as Njombe, Dodoma, Mbeya.

There will be special performances of artists called Elegant Group, singing, drama. We will take opportunity to remind the roots of the Movement trough a portrait of Joseph Wresinski - testimonies of families to make know the resistance and fight of people everyday in their life.

A special time will be given about the 30th anniversary of the day to underline the importance and strength of this annual celebration.

Biafra grounds, Morocco Avenue 9 am to noon
Dar es Salaam